About Us

Who we are

Edu-fy is a for-purpose social enterprise with the aim of making education equitable to all learners in line with UN SDG 4: Quality Education.


We believe that quality education is a two-way process of learning. Guides (Teachers) and Explorers (Students) discover and make connections together in face to face, online or hybrid learning situations. Learning spaces are everywhere!


We connect learners anywhere to quality teaching resources that teach 21st century skills and help them link everything they learn to face the global challenges that are ahead.


We aim to develop creative, collaborative and culturally aware 21st century thinkers. through well-crafted game play and activities relating to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our story

We aim to develop creative and collaborative future thinkers.

Educator, author and founder of Edu-fy, Asha Murphy, is creating a new world where quality education is made available to ALL children. Her innovation is helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education for children everywhere by 2030. The added advantage of the innovation is that learning becomes a playful journey utilising games that incorporate the latest in neuro-education research.

The medium is a carefully-crafted platform that connects educators and learners anywhere. It incorporates educational games which have the capacity not just to educate, but to influence the learning structures of the brain. In other words, innovation is both accessible and effective.

Put simply, games and rewards release dopamine that impacts the memory mechanisms of the brain. Our products are designed to delight, and to reward curiosity, problem-solving and repetition. That repetition leads to conceptual knowledge and higher-level functioning, particularly in the area of numeracy.

Stanford University research shows that students who regularly play carefully-crafted educational games in conjunction with instruction can make learning gains equivalent to a full year’s development.

That is what Edu-fy is delivering: access to quality education wrapped in a self-contained personalized learning system. It gives educators a user-friendly dashboard to deliver teaching and learning resources and to monitor individual and group performance and progress.

Join us to make this possible for ALL children including those who do not have access to schooling due to circumstances.

Our people - past present and future

At Edu-fy we believe that culture, gender, age or qualifications are not factors of talent.
Our diverse team has one thing in common. We believe in our cause and are passionate about our vision
Our motto: "Let's make it happen".

Asha Murphy


Asha is the lead innovator and creator of the Straylings concept.

She is a former public servant and educator with a passionate focus on using neuro-frameworks to scaffold learning.

Bernadette Stevens


Bernadette is the Operations Lead. She has worked closely with senior management for over 20 years in several roles.

Her highly developed skill in managing competing priorities and in organizing schedules and events is a huge asset to the company.

Thomas Haselböck


Thomas is a social entrepreneur, networker and community builder.

He is passionate about ecosystems, regenerative approaches and enabling collaboration to create impact and drive systems change. He is co-founder of the international network be.modos.

Arlind Ramadani

Web Development

Arlind is currently finishing his bachelor degree in Management and Economics at the Business College in Prishtina, Kosovo.

His main specializations are web-development and graphic design with a focus on brand identity and visual communication.

Krzysztof Lis

Simulation Game Developer

Krzysztof  works as a PhD student at EPFL, doing computer vision research and teaching graphics. His passion for game development started with creating Warcraft 3 mods.

Vance Chau

Digital Marketing

Vance is an undergraduate student who is working as a digital marketing intern for the company.

In the future, she wishes to focus on digital marketing and using technology to help people in need and solving social problems.

Muzi Tian

Business Analyst intern

MUZI recently completed Master of Commerce specialising in Information Systems at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. She is working as a business analyst intern for the company. She is passionate about researching and data analysing to help with customer needs and problem solving. She wishes to become a senior business analyst in the future

Jennifer Milla

Program Lead – Our Essence

I am a free spirit in continuous learning who is passionate to collaborate to transform the world through business and people by being a Conscious Business Leader, Mentor and Raja Yoga student. I love to travel, connect with new people and share light.

Want to become part of our team?

You are a student, educator, elder, gamer, designer, illustrator, developer, donor, legal or financial service provider, mentor or adviser or an SDG problem solver who is passionate about transforming education and achieving the SDGs by 2030.


Edu-fy is a member of Catalyst 2030, a global movement of 900+ social entrepreneurs and social innovators in 195 countries.

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