Our mission is to uplift and edify people of all creeds and from all walks of life, as well as their communities, through the power of quality education. (UN SDG4)

We connect learners anywhere to quality teaching resources and help learners link everything they learn.

We aim to develop creative and collaborative future thinkers.

Educator, author and founder of Edu-fy, Asha Murphy, is creating a new world where quality education is made available to ALL children. Her innovation is helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education for children everywhere by 2030. The added advantage of the innovation is that learning becomes a playful journey utilising games that incorporate the latest in neuro-education research.

The medium is a carefully-crafted platform that connects educators and learners anywhere. It incorporates educational games which have the capacity not just to educate, but to influence the learning structures of the brain. In other words, the innovation is both accessible and effective.

Put simply, games and rewards release dopamine that impacts the memory mechanisms of the brain. Our products are designed to delight, and to reward curiosity, problem-solving and repetition. That repetition leads to conceptual knowledge and higher-level functioning, particularly in the area of numeracy.

Stanford University research shows that students who regularly play carefully-crafted educational games in conjunction with instruction can make learning gains equivalent to a full year’s development.

That is what Edu-fy is delivering: access to quality education wrapped in a self-contained personalised learning system. It gives educators a user-friendly dashboard to deliver teaching and learning resources and to monitor individual and group performance and progress.

Join us to make this possible for ALL children including those who do not have access to schooling due to circumstances.