Play the Straylings game


Use the power of purposeful games to build your child’s numeracy and literacy skills.

Straylings is a charming game designed by leading educators using the latest principles of neuroscience.

And kids love it.

Repetition is what everybody needs as a basis for problem-solving, but it’s

You know how well your kids can concentrate when immersed in a skilfully-crafted game – Strayling’s story-line and strong visuals keep kids focused.

In a classroom situation, children can easily miss a fundamental principle. This not only impedes progress at higher levels, it damages confidence. In Straylings, kids learn through continuous small improvements, and that becomes a learning strategy they take forwards with them.

They develop a mindset that failure is an inevitable part of the path to discovery. In a well-designed game like Straylings, failure loses its power to discourage. Confidence naturally builds as they level-up, and mastery becomes a rewarding experience.

The depth of material means kids can jump in at any skill level, advance at their own pace and grow to be the best they can. Expectations are level-appropriate, and reward scores are given accordingly.

Your child will bloom, and their progress will appear effortless.

Mathematics (Number Operations)
English Grammar Skills (Subject-Verb Agreements).

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